For about 13 years Bildex has been producing aluminium composite panels under the trademarks BILDEX and FORMA. We combine technology and marketing, invest in ideas and quality, set standards and create new trends.Our main tools are technical knowledge, design, modeling and logistics.
  • How we work
We combine all process areas at one site. That makes us flexible and helps to reduce the production time. Our priority is quality, so we have certified the entire production cycle in accordance with ISO 9001. Technological and production processes at our site are constantly updated and automated. Taking care of the environment we try to use raw materials and materials that minimize impact on our environment and are possible to recycle.
  • Communication tools
We closely cooperate with leading architectural and design offices. Together we create palettes, shapes and work on complex objects. Such a cooperation allows us to monitor and constantly follow the latest trends in architecture. We deliver products to the largest retailers of promotional materials, receiving in return information about fashion trends and market requirements. We conduct workshops for customers, disclose the application of aluminium composite panels and advise on technical regulation
  • Moving forward
Due to our constant development Bildex always offers its partners the most topical solutions. Before launching a new product onto the market there is a long process of technology development and quality confirmation, in which all company departments, as well as our partners actively participate. Progress The key to success of our company is a team that "lives" their work. The best confirmations of a successful work are our projects with aluminium composite panels BILDEX and FORMA.                  
Aluminum Composite Panels  

BILDEX aluminium composite panels are a multilayer sheet material. The outer layers are made of aluminium and the inner one is a complex composition of polymers and mineral fillers with mechanical properties resistant to flame. For the production of BILDEX ACPs we use aluminium alloys that have a high hardness and are corrosion resistant. It allows us to set mechanical properties of the panel and makes them durable. The right choice of initial components and technology of their bonding provide structural strength and are the keys to obtain a quality product and customers’ satisfaction. The front side of the panel is protected by a decorative polymer coating. The type of coating is determined based on the requirements for the facade, as well as on the color solutions determined by the author of the project. The main part of BILDEX panels is produced with a coating based on fluorinated resins, which are highly resistant to aggressive environmental influences. They may be easily processed using both hand tools and special equipment. The products made of the panels have a relatively low weight and high durability. BILDEX aluminium composite panels used for the construction of ventilated facades have a full package of permits confirming their fire safety.