ALT115 All-glass partition system

ALT115 full-glass partition wall system

ALT 115 is a system of clamping profiles and component parts fastening tempered full-glass partition walls to the floor and ceiling. ALT 115 structures allow a uniform appearance of working space, a more effective use of natural sunlight, and visual extension of the room.

Due to innovative design developments and application of advanced solutions, Alutech was able to develop a unique system, with features exceeding its equivalents available in the market. This unique design solution is protected by a patent.

During the creation of the new product we took into account the proposals and recommendations of installation companies were taken into account, thus allowing development of an original system possessing a number of unique competitive advantages.

Purpose and Application

ALT115 full-glass partition system creates stylish interior space of any office or trade hall. ALT115 system is an optimal solution for the arrangement and decoration of space in various shopping centers.

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ALT115 full-glass partition wall system has a number of apparent advantages:

  • depending on its location relative to the guiding profile, the multi-use clip provides the installation of glass 8, 10 and 12 mm thick;
  • depending on its special location, the multi-use insert enables standard or secure (through an opening) version of glass fixing;
  • unique design features reduce the stock-list of the system components;
  • covering of visible profile parts with protective film;
  • full set of end blinds and fastening plates for glass;
  • high technological features providing for realization of any project using ALT115, almost completely regardless of glass thickness and dimensions;
  • significant reduction of design and installation costs due to the multifunctional clamping system and decrease of the total number of its components;
  • wide color scheme and variety of surface treatment options. 4 decorative variants of surface preparation combined with 14 anodic colors provide 56 variants of system profiles coating;
  • high-quality anodic coating of aluminum profiles used in the system.

Main features of ALT115 system:

Additional system features

  • Minimal number of insert-clip couples for fixation (on the basis of the loading capacity of one couple) due to structural peculiarities of insert-guide connection;
  • symmetry of cover profile lock elements enable its installation at any side, thus providing the maximum assembly convenience;
  • full set of end blinds and fastening plates for glass;
  • possibility to use the same end blind type for fillings of different thickness (via cutting the blind).