ALT SKL50 Skylight system

Translucent roofs and rooflights provide the buildings and accommodations with special, spectacular and unique look. At the same time they ensure protection from bad weather conditions. Aluminium substructure is becoming more and more popular for glazing of translucent roofs and rooflights of different configuration.

ALT SKL50 roof-dome profile system is intended for production of translucent constructions of different configurations: single-pitch and double-pitch roofs, domes, arch roofs, pyramids of complex geometry.

Bearing structure of ALT SKL50 profile system is made of inclined or vertical mullions and horizontal transoms with visible width of 50 mm.

Depending on the design of the building and load action on it, designers can choose necessary load bearing elements. There is a wide range of mullions and transoms in ALT SKL50 system. Furthermore, in case of extremely big loads it is possible to reinforce all the mullions and transoms. Reinforcing profiles from ALT F50 series are used in SKL 50 system.

ALT SKL50 system properties and advantages

  1. Construction rotation on mullion and transom profiles is made through flange overcast. Angle adaptors are not necessary;

  2. FRK117 rubber gasket allows to organize continuous process of moisture removal from the construction. It is possible to use additional gaskets for necessary infill units thickness;

  3. It is possible to use new pressing profiles with even fixation and ALT F50 series pressing profiles;

  4. Using of foamed thermal bridges in the system allows to reach the mark R>1 м2°С/Watt for the structures;

  5. Using of «swinging» bearing plates allows to exclude all the additional operations connected with producing of «wedging» bearing plates;

  6. ALT F50 series profiles can be used in the system;

  7. Full line of accessories;

  8. It is possible to integrate smoke removal hatches from ALT F50 system.