Doors for bath houses and saunas  

Hamam Edition
Glass of the series is specially designed for use in hamams.
Glass pieces of irregular sizes and forms without door sills to be installed into the floor are available for production.
The main advantages:

  • Completely closed perimeter of door panel keeps heat and vapour in.
  • Water handling system installed in the sill prevents condensate appearing outside the hamam.
  • High heat resistance.
  • Materials of the door (glass and anodized aluminum) are not liable to corrosion and deformation and do not emit any harmful materials while heating.
  • Flexibility of construction for right and left opening (when transparent or matted from both sides types of glass are used).
  • Magnetic closing of the door.
  • Engraving, serigraphy, photo printing, multidimensional air-sand engraving, glass fusing, coloured polish.
  • Combination of decorations according to individual design.
  • Ergonomical classic aluminum handle or design glass handle.
  • Door panel made from 8 mm tempered glass has limitless service life.
  • Door package includes three hinges for even more durable fixation of glass panel.
Вес 25-35 кг
Вид стекла закаленное, с еврокромкой
Комплектация дверное полотно, дверная коробка, ручка «Хамам», три петли ID-60G
Стекло, толщина, цвет 8 мм, бесцветное/бесцветное матовое/бронзовое/бронзовое матовое/серое/серое матовое
Сторонность любая
Складская программа 690*1890 мм: бесцветное матовое/бронза/бронза матовая
Упаковка картонная коробка
Материал дверной коробки анодированный алюминий
Размеры по коробке 690*1890/790*1990
Цвет фурнитуры серый металик
Производство ООО «АКМА», Россия, Санкт-Петербург
Гарантия 1 год