Glass kitchen backsplashes

We offer:

  • Backsplashes with photo printing;
  • Transparent glass backsplashes;
  • Coloured glass backsplashes.
A glass kitchen backsplash doesn’t have any small junctions and porosity, is easy to clean with glass cleanser. Tempered glass is heat proof and shock proof, its surface doesn’t get discoloured or scratched. Absence of junctures and other inequalities prevents from dirt building up on the surface which enhances hygiene level in the kitchen room.
The most efficient thickness of  a glass kitchen backsplash is 6 mm. It is recommended that tempered glass should be used.
There are two options: direct printing on glass surface  (UV-printing) and printing on the tape with its further rolling on.
There are approximately 500 images designed for narrow type of backsplashes in our catalogue. It is also possible to print your own design image.
Backsplashes of all desired sizes are available to production.
Ways of installing of a backsplash:
  1. mechanical fixation (with the help of jigs);
  2. glue fixation (isn’t suitable for tape printing).
Размеры стекла возможны любые размеры
Стекло, толщина, цвет закаленное, 6 мм
Складская программа на заказ
Производство Россия
Поставщик ООО "АКМА"
Гарантия 1 год
Варианты стекла обычное/осветленное