We sell engeneered and properly designed products from trusted and world wide recognized manufacturers


We work with the latest CAD software. We provide accurate shop drawings and precise material templates (including those generated from 3D models) that are ready to go to your material suppliers.


Our rate is something that you will definitely like. Prepare to save huge on shop drawings.We serve construction and architectural industries all over the country.We offer the lowest prices for professional drafting services. 


You set time frame. We have enough resources to get you what you need on time. Normally we start working on your order within 24 hours after receipt of approved purchase order. Wait time can be as short as few hours if you have service contract with us. 

Drafting and Engineering  


We know that your clients are very curious about the future look of their project.
We can make models of elements or eintire projects and integrate renderings into pictures of existing environment. This will give you advantages during presentation and your client will be able to make decisions and provide approvals faster.


We communicate with various suppliers of building materials and hardware and we are capable of designing very complicated models and surroundings based on existing materials and textures.  


Construction needs a lot of accurate and detailed drawings every day.
We can deliver to you shop drawings for entire project or incorporate your scope of work into architectural set of drawings. We can show actual materials that you intend to use and you will be able to see how they work together with other trades.