Automatic Cutting Machine Ø 550 mm with Robot Profile Drive System and 2 Axis Servo Control


Used for cutting processes of aluminum, plastic and wooden profiles.

  • Hydro-Pneumatic cutting
  • Servo controlled rotation axis
  • Automatic positioning at all degrees between -22.5° and +45° with servo motion system
  • Pneumatic holder robot with servo axis control and manual adjustment feature for accurate positioning of profiles
  • Industrial PC with Windows based touchscreen and easy to use practical interface
  • Remote access
  • Data transfer over remote network connection, Ethernet and USB
  • Batch processing and precision cutting
  • Secure cutting by the cover equipped with a safety sensor
  • Process programming and large memory
  • Double hand control application
  • Adjustable saw blade travel speed
  • Ability to control saw blade travel distance
  • Ability to perform cutting automatically from the list or manually
  • Automatic horizontal clamps
  • 90° and angular slicing
  • Automatic size calculation for mold cutting
  • Output conveyor with manual gauge
  • Resume cutting feature (emergency stops, blackouts, etc.) provides cutting advice by making a full scan in cutting list and detecting uncut pieces.
  • Ability to send bar code information of different profile batches by profile list input without using a cutting optimization program and ability to choose profile from the list in batch cutting 
  • Ability to use full length of loaded profile (Excluding angle and cutting waste)

Output conveyor with manual gauge
Ø 550 mm saw blade (1 pcs)
Cooling system


Barcode printer
Vacuum cleaner for chips
Profile height measurement
Digital adjustment of saw blade travel distance
Vertical clamp
Servo controlled vice gripper